A typical pack will contain: granola bars, individual cereal/oatmeal, cheese crackers, fruit snacks, chips, cookies, fruit/pudding cups and other non-perishable, peanut free child friendly snacks.

The Community Storehouse Snack Pack Program meets the nutritional needs of children at risk of hunger during weekends. Most of these children rely on the federally subsidized free or reduced meal program to provide them with breakfast and lunch during the school week. Food insecurity over the weekends causes these students to come to school very hungry Monday mornings. Food insecurity can negatively affect a child’s physical growth and overall health, their academic achievement, school attendance and behavior.  We are providing over 5,000 snack packs a month

In an effort to close the gap between opportunity and achievement for children in our community, the Community Storehouse Snack Pack Program provides these children with bags filled with kid-friendly nutritious foods at their school site. The snack packs are assembled by volunteers at the Community Storehouse Nutritional Center and delivered by volunteers to school partners each week. The school staff (counselor, nurse, teacher, etc.) identifies students suffering from weekend food insecurity and the Community Storehouse Snack Packs are put into their backpacks each Friday.



For more information about this Program, please contact Community Storehouse at 817-431-3340.

Weekend Snack



DID YOU KNOW...over 60,000 Snack Packs were provided to children in 2020.