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Junior Board Program

We develop community leadership through our volunteer programs, service-learning training, goal-setting, and supervised activities. The Youth Leadership Program cultivates a good work ethic, transferable employment skills, and a charitable heart. We provide opportunities for youth to become capable, ethical, and responsible citizens while developing a strong sense of community. Whether completing Green Cord service, achieving Eagle Scout recognition, or documenting service hours for college entrance applications, resumes, scholarship applications, Youth Mission, and Confirmation goals; youth participants benefit by gaining valuable skills. Youth seeking to complete Court Ordered Community Service hours have the opportunity to do so in a positive, character-building, and faith-based environment.

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Junior Board

The Community Storehouse Junior Board provides young leaders in grades 9-12 located in our service area of Keller, Northwest, Carrol, and Argyle, the opportunity to hone their leadership skills. Junior Board Members learn what it means to serve on the Board of Directors from current Community Storehouse Board member mentors.

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Junior Board Scholarship Award

The Community Storehouse Youth Leadership Award identifies young people who are working to make a difference in our community. Applicants must demonstrate leadership and ingenuity as trailblazers undertaking community initiatives that have measurable results. This award and a $1,000 scholarship are presented to the winner at the annual Community Storehouse Hope Dinner and Auction.

The deadline to submit the application is February 18th.

Questions About Our Youth Leadership Programs?

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