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About Community Storehouse
Since 1984, Community Storehouse has provided crucial resources, including food, household necessities, and education,
to low-income families in Tarrant County.


Our Mission

Uplifting Communities by providing foundational resources to help build a stronger, more successful future.

Kids at Playground

Our Vision

Our underserved communities are continuing to grow and are forever changing. At the Community Storehouse, our vision and focus have been and will continue to be on the needs of our children. Increasingly however, it is becoming entire families that we serve too. As a result, we are evolving to address these and other challenges systematically. We seek to grow and develop sustainable public and private partnerships, where jointly, we develop solutions and ways to serve more people together, since no single organization can do this work alone. By creating collaborative partnerships that thrive, we can create limitless possibilities and additional resources for underserved children, their families, and the communities at large.

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We Need Your Support Today

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