Quotes From Current Volunteers!

"I began volunteering at Community Storehouse in January 2020. I decided to volunteer at CSH because of all the families who are helped and blessed through their ministry. I have met so many amazing people during the time I have been there. I am looking forward to meeting many more."


-Marcie Melton

"I was raised in a church community where "Love your neighbor as yourself" was something we lived, not just read.  And we were taught that loving means acting to meet the person's need, not just being aware of it.  When I moved to Keller I found the Community Storehouse, a place that acts to meet the needs of our neighbors.  For the last 12 years, I have served in many ways.  My favorite event is Christmas House because of the interaction with the clients.  Hearing their stories and how they appreciate being able to give their children Christmas gifts, always fills me with the holiday spirit.  I also work on many of the events that raise money for the programs we have and have led the Ladies of Hope, our women's group, for several years.  These activities have introduced me to many friends who share the desire to give back to the community.


Now, during this time of uncertainty and unexpected job loss, the need is so great.  Being able to help our neighbors through donations and working in the food pantry has been a great blessing for me.  This organization is always there for our community and does what needs to be done to meet current needs.  I am so thankful that I found this organization many years ago and have been able to serve in so many ways."


-Julie Sizemore

"I’ve been a part of the Community Storehouse since we moved here in 2015. I have loved volunteering in such a great place because I know everyone involved has a huge heart for the greater community. I have seen families in need and am able to find the resources available to help. I have seen amazing families and companies donate much-needed time, money, and resources to make this happen. It is truly overwhelming the support the community is there to support those who are struggling. It is a beautiful community we live in that so generously supports those in need."


-Alex Davis