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Vision Statement: Closing the gap between opportunity and achievement for the children in our community.

Think of Community Storehouse as the first responder to any issue that threatens to interfere with a child's success in school. Our programs are strategically designed to address unmet, identified needs for the children within our community. Studies show that the education stage of a child's life is crucial to their long-term success and can even break the cycle of generational poverty. Knowledge is power, and we're working to help children have all the power they can through education.

But we can't do it without support. Every year, we provide more than 5,000 services a month, and none of them would happen without people and corporations who volunteer or donate. In addition, all the proceeds from our resale shop fund our programs and services.

Help a child now. Prevent a lifetime of trouble.


There are many ways for you to be involved, either working directly with children or behind the scenes. We're asking for you to join with us in any way you can. Our work in keeping children in school is only limited by the amount of volunteer and monetary resources we receive from our community.

Our Mission:

Dedicated to the education and well-being of low-income children in our community. 


There is always more we can do; with your help, we can help even more children succeed in school.