Tutoring Program 

In 2020, tutoring has become essential to many low-income children if they want to succeed.  With tutoring, our students will have the opportunity to make academic strides while compensating for the challenges faced at school (socio-economic, language, and cultural barriers to name a few).  Even children labeled as “behavior problems” in a classroom tend to function well one-on-one, because, frequently, acting out is a defense to hide academic weakness.  Tutoring provides a consistent, nurturing environment with role models who value education. 

Most importantly, tutoring provides low-income students with the essential learning skills that their peers with more resources acquire at a young age:  self-sufficiency, dedication, organizational skills, time management, note taking and research skills. A good tutoring program, providing guidance and support, can make higher education an accessible reality for low-income students. 

Currently, Community Storehouse provides a free, individual tutoring opportunity for a limited number of qualified, low-income children, in grades 1-5.  The focus is on grade-level skills for reading and mathematics and the skills essential for academic success.   In January 2021, the program will expand to include grades 6-8.  Tutoring for high-school students will open September 2021.  The tutoring program is offered on-site in the Achievement Center.  Tutoring hours are offered Monday-Thursday 4:30pm- 6:30pm and every Saturday from 9am-12:00pm.

Please email edu@communitystorehouse.org if you have any questions.