I thought the trip to UNT was a great experience mostly because it gives young students a vision of what college life will mostly be like, almost like a free sample. The tour guides explained how the campus worked very elaborately, and the trip really gave me a feel of what happens in the average college day.…I think more sixth graders should tour the campus. I think it will give them a chance to actually think about what they wanted for their future. To really see what goes on in college and think about all the different paths to take.

 ~ Sophie (6th grade)


Studies show that students born into families that are in the bottom 25% of income have only a 9% chance of graduating from college. By contrast, students born into families in the top 25% of income have a 54% chance of earning a degree. College grads tend to get better jobs, avoid layoffs, and earn more money over their careers. College doesn't just change lives, it transforms communities.



The Kids2College program raises college-awareness at the Intermediate School level. Community Storehouse works in partnership with a local university, the Sally Mae Fund, and an intermediate school campus where over 50% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. The Kids2College focus is opportunity through education.

Students in the Kids2College program complete a six-session curriculum which combines hands-on activities with information on careers, college life, academic preparation, and includes a take-home component. The students participate in a visit to a local university at the end of the program.

For more information about this program, please contact Community Storehouse at