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Car Lot


Sponsored by Toyota of Denton and Honda of Denton


Tickets are only $2 each!

All proceeds benefit Community Storehouse

Tickets may be purchased at:

Upscale Resale - Keller

Upscale Resale - Ft. Worth

Community Storehouse Corporate Office

Or ask any employee at any Community Storehouse event!

CSH Car Raffle website.png




• Must be a valid non-profit or school organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to participate.

• Non-profit organizations must provide 501(c)(3).

• Participating organizations and non-profits keep 100% of their proceeds.

• All organizations/schools must fill out and return signed Agreement Form before receiving raffle tickets.

• All raffle tickets will be provided to all participating organizations/schools on a first come first serve basis at no expense to them.

• Participating organizations/schools may receive up to 2,000 tickets to begin, depending on amount sold the year prior.

• Participating organizations/schools may request additional tickets depending on availability.

• Participating organizations/schools must return as many sold tickets as possible before receiving additional tickets.

• All participating organizations/schools may receive posters on a first come first serve basis at no expense to them.

• All participating organizations/schools may borrow Community Support banner, subject to availability.

• Raffle tickets must be sold for $2 only.

• Raffle tickets are not to be sold directly from either dealership.

• All dealership employees and immediate family are not allowed to purchase raffle tickets.

• The dealerships are not responsible for lost tickets or unreturned tickets and all refunds are between that organization/school and the purchaser.

• The dealerships provide display vehicles as a courtesy and may deny any organization/school’s request to use one. Dealerships can offer the vehicles only for a single-day use and only within our local marketing zone.

• All raffle ticket sales must stop after the stated date.

• All raffle tickets, sold and unsold, must be turned in to the dealerships by the stated date.

• The dealerships reserve the right to refuse any sold raffle tickets from being turned in if it is after the stated turn-in date.

• Any organization/school who does not turn in raffle tickets after the stated turn-in date will be refused participation for the following years.

• Dealerships reserve the right to note any organization/school’s tickets as “not turned in” on the Community Support website if not returned by stated turn-in date.

• Ticket purchasers do not have to be present to win.

• Ticket purchasers must be over the age of 18 to participate.

• Purchasers must provide a personal phone number on the raffle ticket to win.

• There may only be one winner per year, not per organization.

• Raffle winner must be selected at random.

• Raffle winner must select vehicle in person at either dealership.

• Raffle winner may choose to receive either a new Honda or new Toyota from either dealership with an MSRP of $30,000 or less with tax, title and license paid for at dealerships expense.

• Regardless of the winner’s choice, both dealerships must split the cost of the vehicle, tax, title, and license.

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