When children are read to, it helps them become excellent readers, writers and thinkers. When children hear the stories, ideas and vocabulary that comes from being read to at a much higher level than they can read at themselves it has a big impact. Talking about books helps children become readers too. Looking at books and talking about the pictures, talking about what you’ve just read, pointing out interesting details in the illustrations, predicting or wondering what will happen next, sharing feelings about the books all help to create readers.


After School Reading Program

Please consider donating children’s books and your time to the Community Storehouse After School Reading Program.  For more information, please contact Community Storehouse at 817-431-3340 

The Community Storehouse After School Reading Program pairs adult and teen volunteers with academically at-risk children. Volunteers read aloud to small groups of children, discuss readings and promote the idea of reading for pleasure. This program promotes literacy in the home by providing these children with a variety of books to take home to build their home library.

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